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The value of Kognitive training.

Ethan Glessich
October 25, 2021
3 mins

Video transcript


With companies that have been through Kognitive training we see three main shifts. So, the first shift is a mindset shift. So, what we see happen is, people change the way they think and perceive different things. Be that, the way they perceive time. Be that, the way they view decision making. Be that, their relationship with focus. There’s a mindset shift. 

Attendee 1: 

Being a bit more aware of what I want to get out of life. Get out of work. 

Attendee 2:

The last three months have been outstanding as a personal development. 

Attendee 3: 

I’ve done lots of management training courses but never something like this.

Attendee 2: 

As a human, it’s very beneficial. So, if you can be a better human, obviously there’s benefits for work and benefits in home life. So, yeah, really, really good.


The second thing that changes is the toolset. So, they would have had certain tools before to help them be more productive, or improve their wellbeing. And we see that the toolset shifts. 

Attendee 3:

And so, for me, who loves to understand the ‘why’ as much as the ‘what’, it’s been really, really good just to actually understand more about the human brain and how we think.

Attendee 4: 

Being more in tune with how your body works, how the brain works, and what’s going to make you function better, both in personal life and work life.

Attendee 2: 

This course has given me the tools to be a better person in that regard, so yeah, it’s really outstanding.


The third element, and arguably the most important element, is the behaviour change. Because, it’s not just about having a new mindset, and it’s not just about having a new toolset, unless the change is consistently applied over time… We’re not going to see the fruit flourish in our lives and our businesses. So, it’s the behaviour change that we’re really focused on at Kognitive, seeing come to fruition because that’s where the results really translate to a large impact. 

Attendee 2:

So, definitely more focused in work for more output, and doing the things that are going to deliver the greatest benefit.

Attendee 4:

If I’m feeling really overwhelmed, and I’m just constantly being interrupted, I’ll make sure I book that time with myself and just go and work in another location. 

Attendee 3:

For me, I’ve actually been applying myself to the actual application of the things I’ve been trying to do for quite some time, much more effectively. 


I feel, in essence that’s what we empower people with, with the training, is that… time is an incredibly limited and precious resource. It’s a gift that we’ve all been given to be used the best that we can. And, we’re equipping people to be able to use that time to the best of their abilities. Often, that translates to productivity, or control, or clarity, or calm. But, really, it’s about investing their time in what really matters most, to them.

Minds, hearts and hands

Creating change is hard. Creating lasting change is unbelievably hard. Creating lasting change which achieves long term results is a whole other ball game.

At Kognitive, we practice what we preach. We've incorporated the latest neuroscientific and behavioural science discoveries into our training programs to ensure the ROI on your training investment is like nothing you've ever seen.

Book a discovery call or head to our training page to find out what Kognitive training could do for your business.

Sam Odlum
Dr. Patricia Martos-Nicio

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