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Apply science, data and rigour to your execution

Get the data, metrics and insights you need to plot and navigate your course to a more productive version of your company.

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A comprehensive view of your organisation’s productivity profile

A strong ability to execute is fundamental to an organisation’s performance. However, many leaders overlook the effectiveness of their execution because they lack a clear way to measure and improve it.

Our quantitative diagnostic tools apply analytical rigour to quantify and measure the productivity and performance levels across your organisation. They provide you with the critical insight, confidence and data you need to start building towards new success.


Assess the area of execution which makes most sense for you.


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Take your first step now

Book a discovery call and we’ll talk you through some options and outcomes so you can evaluate for yourself which diagnostic makes most sense for you.

Victoria Government
“The entire process from start to finish has been incredibly seamless, insightful and engaging. The results from the Productivity Pulse have enabled us to deploy our resources where they are needed most.”

Debra Holder

Director of Public Sector Innovation

Built by brain, culture and performance experts

Kognitive’s diagnostic tools have been built from the ground up by our founders, Ethan Glessich and Dr. Patricia Martos. Leveraging their expertise and 30+ years of experience in strategy execution, people and culture, cognitive science and data analytics, Kognitive’s diagnostic tools cut through the noise to deliver hard metrics and targeted action which move the needle on performance.

Want to test the water before you jump into a diagnostic

Good idea! Get started with a Productivity Health Check and obtain a preliminary overview or your organisation’s execution in under four hours.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which diagnostic tool is best for my organisation?

Which diagnostic tool is best for my organisation?

That most relevant diagnostic tool depends on the challenges your organisation is facing or what goals you would like to achieve. The easiest way to decide is to book a discovery call to have a productivity expert help you evaluate which option makes most sense for you.

As a rule of thumb, however, the Productivity Pulse is best for a quick, company wide assessment of your productivity and culture, the Workflow Assessments are best for a deep dive into a niche business workflow, and the Productivity Diagnostic is best for a holistic, comprehensive assessment of your business across culture, processes and financial performance. 

Of course, if you’re looking to evaluate your readiness to transition to a remote (or partially remote) workforce, or evaluate the productivity of your current remote (or partially remote) workforce, the Remote Productivity Review is the best choice.

How do I book a diagnostic?

How do I book a diagnostic?

To book a diagnostic, please book a discovery call. It is not possible to book a diagnostic directly on our webpage. If you are looking for self-service options, please check out our productivity health checks. You can purchase and complete the health checks online.

How do diagnostics differ from health checks?

How do diagnostics differ from health checks?

Diagnostics are comprehensive organisational productivity assessments which take a number of weeks to complete. They are objective assessments which provide quantitative productivity data. Productivity Health Checks are fast assessments which give you insight into key productivity indicators within four hours. They are based on your responses to a key productivity survey.

Health checks give you a fast, indicative view of your operations, whereas diagnostics provide clarity of the root cause of any productivity challenges or potential improvement opportunities. Book a discovery call to evaluate which assessment would best meet your needs, or get started with Kognitive’s Productivity Health Check or Remote Productivity Health Check.

How long do diagnostics take to complete?

How long do diagnostics take to complete?

Delivery time varies depending on which tool you choose and the complexity of your organisation. Generally speaking, we are able to deliver the Productivity Pulse and Workflow Assessments in two to four weeks, and the Productivity Diagnostic in four to six weeks. Book a discovery call to confirm the specific timeframe for your organisation.

How much do the diagnostics cost?

How much do the diagnostics cost?

Prices vary from $6,000 to $30,000 depending on the specific assessment and the size and complexity of the organisation. Book a discovery call to evaluate the options and confirm the pricing for your organisation. If you're searching for a lower cost option, try our Company Productivity Health Check or Remote Productivity Health Check.

Is Kognitive able to help us implement improvement initiatives?

Is Kognitive able to help us implement improvement initiatives?

If the challenges you are facing align with our areas of expertise, we are able to provide you with assistance in implementing improvement initiatives. Click here to learn more about our implementation services.

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Plotting your course to operational excellence begins with quantitative data and insights