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Drive up staff and business productivity— without it consuming all your time.

Kognitive identifies the potential productivity gains in your organisation, and then helps you and your team achieve them—quickly and efficiently. Results guaranteed.

Kognitive client Impressive CEO Rob Tadros testimonial.
“Kognitive has had a massive impact, not only on our business efficiency, but also on my personal life, with the tools and frameworks enabling me to free up my time.”

End-to-end support to transform your productivity.


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3 videos 📺 12 minutes ⏰ and 15 practical tools 🛠 to transform your productivity!
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Pioneering performance with Organisational Flow.

An organisation excels when its people, processes and technology work together in harmony. Our Organisational Flow model merges cognitive science, operational data and flow to help you achieve this balance, enhancing performance, clarity, and control.


Where neuroscience meets execution excellence

Kognitive founder and Managing Director Ethan Glessich.
Kognitive co-founder and neuropsychologist Dr. Patricia Martos Nicio.

Ethan Glessich

Founder & Managing Director

Experience 15+ years hands-on in performance improvement management consulting, executive coaching and people & culture.

Passionate about helping people and organisations unlock their potential, cognitive science, flow and paragliding acrobatics.


Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)
Bachelor of Business (Business Administration)
Certificate IV (Small Business Management)

Dr. Patricia Martos

Co Founder & Head of Research

Experience 20+ years cognitive brain research, clinical neuropsychology and behaviour change program management experience.

Passionate about brain development, practical application of neuroscience, Galician seafood, fine wine and even finer glassware.


PhD in Psychiatry (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Master of Clinical Neuropsychology
Bachelor of Psychology (Neuropsychology)
Kognitive ebook cover - The cognitive revolution - How cutting-edge science is transforming business performance

The cognitive revolution.

Utilising cutting-edge cognitive science to transform business performance


In the last ten years neuroscientists have learnt more about the human brain than in the last one hundred years. See how leading organisations are using these discoveries to optimise their internal operations and transform their performance. Includes over 17 practical tools you can immediately implement to revolutionise your business and personal productivity.

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Tap into your full potential with Kognitive Insight.

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