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Relentlessly pursuing execution excellence

We set your strategy up for success by optimising your operations around the brain, data and flow.

Execution is getting harder.

The success of your strategy hinges on your organisation’s ability to execute, the only problem is—execution is only getting harder. Distracted and overwhelmed staff, rapidly evolving technology, disconnected processes and systems, and dare we say it, international pandemics—all coalescing to make it more difficult than ever to bring your strategy to life.

The difference between inefficient and optimised internal operations can now be the defining factor between success and failure. But how do you know where to focus your limited time and resources to improve your organisation’s execution? And how do you find the time to work on the business, when you’re flat out working in it? That’s where Kognitive comes in!

Think of us as your partner in performance.

We work with all kinds of businesses, from fast-growth startups to global organisations to benchmark their internal operations and instil a data-based, performance-driven approach to execution. Recognised for challenging the status quo, we’ve pioneered a new approach to organisational performance which is built around the brain, data and flow. We call it Organisational Flow.

kognitive hands holding a brain in the sun

What does the brain have to do with business performance?

Everything! At the centre of every organisation are people. The sum of the decisions and actions of these people is what leads to the success and performance of the business. And where do these decisions and actions originate from? The brain.

The better we can understand how the brain works the better we can understand how our staff think, act and interact. From this deeper understanding we can build more inspiring workplaces, empower staff to make better decisions, and ensure every employee stays focused on what matters most.

Kognitive founder Dr Patricia Martos Nicio explaining neuroscience of productivity.
Explore the science
“Cognitive science is shedding new light into the age-old challenge of how to build a more productive, inspiring and efficient organisation.”
Kognitive ebook cover - The cognitive revolution - How cutting-edge science is transforming business performance

The cognitive revolution.

Utilising cutting-edge cognitive science to transform business performance


In the last ten years neuroscientists have learnt more about the human brain than in the last one hundred years. See how leading organisations are using these discoveries to optimise their internal operations and transform their performance. Includes over 17 practical tools you can immediately implement to revolutionise your business and personal productivity.

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Where neuroscience meets execution excellence

Kognitive founder and Managing Director Ethan Glessich.
Kognitive co-founder and neuropsychologist Dr. Patricia Martos Nicio.

Ethan Glessich

Founder & Managing Director

Ethan brings over 15 years of ‘hands on’ experience in productivity, business improvement and people and culture. His innovations in enhancing organisational performance have been recognised by organisations such as PwC, MIT, RMIT and Smart Company.

Originally an Aerospace Engineer, Ethan has a strong analytical and data-focused foundation. He is incredibly passionate about flow and psychology, and believes cognitive science holds the key to building a better future for our businesses, our families and ourselves.

More about Ethan

When Ethan is not running Kognitive, you’ll find him in flow, soaring through the sky in his paraglider. His passion for paragliding acrobatics has seen him become the first Australian to compete at the World Championships, and has taken him to the peaks of five of the world’s biggest mountain ranges.

This obsession has also led to some of his most significant life challenges, such as falling over a 1000 metres after a reserve malfunction, only to be saved by a gum tree, and breaking his back when pushing the boundaries of low-level acrobatics.

These experiences have deepened Ethan’s appreciation of the small things in life and inspired him to help others live more productive, fulfilled lives. Whether it’s on a stage, with a client or 1-on-1, Ethan is driven to have a positive impact and make time count.


Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace)
Bachelor of Business (Business Administration)
Certificate IV (Small Business Management)

Dr. Patricia Martos

Co Founder & Head of Research

Patricia is a qualified neuropsychologist with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. With over 20 years of brain-based research and clinical experience, her expertise in the human brain and behaviour supports Kognitive’s programs by providing them with guidance and scientific rigour informed by cutting-edge research.

Her understanding of how the brain makes decisions, achieves a state of focus and flow, and influences behaviour is essential to the successful delivery of each Kognitive program.

More about Patricia

When Patricia is not researching or developing content at Kognitive, she enjoys spending time with her family and soaking up vitamin D on the beach. Originally from Spain, she has a passion for fine wine, even finer glassware and Galician seafood.

Patricia is driven to have a positive impact on people’s lives, and has spent the majority of her life helping patients with brain damage or cognitive impairments find ways to live more productive, fulfilled lives.

Her PhD, which evaluated the brain development and cognitive capabilities of children born with HIV, was awarded the highest academic distinction of ‘cum laude’ for its practicality and applicability in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged children.


PhD in Psychiatry (Cognitive Neuroscience)
Master of Neuropsychology (Clinical)
Bachelor of Psychology (Neuropsychology)
Kognitive mountain towering into the sky.

Kognitive—building a better future.

We get out of bed each day with the goal of making the world better than it was the day before. Whether that be helping a business create a more inspiring, productive workplace, or helping an individual overcome hidden cognitive biases and invest their time in what matters most to them—we’re driven to build a better future.

Discover the why behind our drive and Kognitive’s founding story.

A fall from the skies

In 2008, while training paragliding acrobatics above the beautiful alpine region in Bright, Victoria, Ethan Glessich lost control of his wing and began to fall from the sky. His back-up reserve parachute malfunctioned, and he fell over a thousand metres to the ground. By some remarkable stroke of luck, his equipment snagged on the branch of a gum tree and suspended him 20 metres from the ground—without so much as a scratch.

A new perspective on ‘busyness’

This near death experience gave Ethan a new perspective. He observed that he was living his life in a state of ‘busyness’, and it was keeping him from the things which mattered most. And it wasn’t just him—the ‘busyness’ was everywhere. It had become a badge of honour, and it was hurting our wellbeing, families and businesses. Driven to do something about it, Ethan founded Kognitive.

The birth of Kognitive

Inspired by the work of Steven Covey, he built a productivity tool to help people get the ‘busyness’ under control. He hoped that helping people clarify what was important to them would empower them to escape the ‘busyness’. But he soon realised that software was only a piece of the puzzle—to be truly effective he needed to influence people’s mindset and behaviour.

Kognitive launched productivity and performance training, coaching and consulting, and together with the software, Ethan started to achieve more positive, sustained results. Yet something was still missing.

The problem

The deeper he delved into the productivity research, the more conflicting and contradictory it became. The industry seemed to be full of productivity ‘experts’ who were more focused on pushing their own flavour of OCD, rather than getting to the truth of what worked, for who, and under what circumstances.

Discovering the brain

In his quest to find the truth, Ethan met Dr. Patricia Martos, a neuropsychologist with a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. With her expertise in the brain and behaviour, she had the missing piece of the puzzle Ethan had been searching for. Her insights into how the brain made decisions, prioritised, procrastinated, processed emotion, focused attention and more, were revolutionary.

By better understanding the brain, he could uncover the root cause as to why certain tools were effective, and develop a truly revolutionary approach to helping people make time count.

A new era

With the same rigour and enthusiasm as his aerospace research, and with Patricia’s guidance, Ethan started studying human cognition. The more he studied, the clearer it became—the next frontier of human and business performance lied not in the business books, but rather, in the neuroscience journals.

But the research was often so abstract and so far removed from daily life, that the key insights and learnings did not organically flow through to the business world. There was a gulf between what science knew and what business was doing. Simplifying and refining this research into pragmatic tools and insights to help people take back control became his mission.

Ethan soon convinced Patricia to come on board as a co-founder to help Kognitive better join the dots between the brain and performance. A little later, he also convinced her to marry him, but that is another story.

Bringing science to the masses

Together, they worked on simplifying the science so it was understandable, relatable and insightful for business professionals. Instead of presenting clients with a “perfect strategy” they brought the science to the client, and together with the client, used these insights to co-develop strategies which were contextualised, brain-based and transformational.

Over time, trends started to emerge. These trends eventually evolved into health checks, diagnostic tools and accelerator programs, which ensured clients could focus on just the right areas for their specific challenges.

Finding Organisational Flow

Cognitive science evolved to become the central pillar in Ethan’s life and Kognitive’s offering. It became the foundational element of Organisational Flow and the vehicle to making the positive difference Ethan dreamed of after falling from the skies all those years ago.

The rest, they say—is history.


The guiding forces beneath our decisions, actions and behaviours.

Much more than posters on a wall, our values are deeply ingrained in our DNA.

A Kognitive flag on top of mountain

Achieve meaningful results for clients

An inspiring Kognitive sun

Create an inspiring environment for extraordinary people

A Kognitive site targeting execution excellence

Strive for excellence

Three tall poppies standing proud

Act with integrity

A Kognitive clock making time count

Make time count

Artistic vector map of Melbourne and Kognitive headquarters

Made in Melbourne.

Delivered around the world.

Welcome to the future of organisational performance. Welcome to Kognitive.