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The value of Kognitive keynotes.

Ethan Glessich
October 25, 2021
2 mins

Video transcript

If you have this time, with these people in the room, I feel like there’s an obligation that I have to give them something that they can take away, and make a positive difference in their lives. You’ve got 500 people in the room that are there for an hour. That’s 500 hours of value that you’re providing. So, we see it more as what the people are receiving, rather than the hour that we spend in the actual keynote. Consequently, we spend an enormous amount of time in building these keynotes. 

Helping people achieve their goals. Helping people get the most out of their time. Wellbeing. These are the areas that we’re really passionate about. And, the messages that we feel are really important and worth sharing. 

At Kognitive, what we really work on is… using brain games to help people understand how their brain works. And, usually, delivering some kind of an insight where they go, “oh, wow, I didn’t think about it like that.” Because, when you get that switch, all of a sudden you’ve got people thinking about things differently, and thinking about themselves differently. That’s a really interesting foundation to then start to build forward into some new insights and some new tools. People’s mindset is going to start to change. And you can use that as leverage to start to facilitate change throughout the organisation. 

What you get is an opportunity to really drive the change that you’re wanting to drive in the business at that moment in time. And, I think, that’s the real value of a speaking engagement for your team. 

When you’re in a room, there’s a whole heap of people, and you see a shift in them. There’s like this lightbulb which goes off, and all of a sudden, they’re different. And, when you meet those people many months later, or those people come back to you and share that moment… and the change and the impact that it’s had in their life… there’s something in that which is incredibly magical.

The magic of keynotes

Isn't it amazing how most of us will struggle to sit through the latest blockbuster, but we can be pulled to the edge of our seat with an enthralling live keynote speaker. But on the opposite is also true—and it can be incredibly painful to watch a rambling speaker, no matter how big the name.

At Kognitive, we work extremely hard to make our keynotes entertaining, educational and inspiring, and we'll stop at nothing to ensure every audience member feels inspired and equiped to make a positive change.

Book a discovery call or head to our speaking page to find out what Kognitive keynotes could do for your business or next event.

Dr. Patricia Martos-Nicio
Sam Odlum

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