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How cognitive science can help transform productivity.

Ethan Glessich
October 25, 2021
2 mins

Video transcript

So much of our work these days, is… it’s cognitive, right? It’s thinking, it’s planning, it’s focusing, it’s problem solving. It’s all cognitive. So, if we want to improve performance, and the performance is being driven by the brain, we really need to understand how the brain works?

When you know how your brain works you can use that knowledge to capitalise on your strengths or use them as strategies to improve your performance.

Cognitive science can help your business at its foundational level. The better we understand how people think, act, interact... the better we can create these environments. The better we can create our tools. The more we can optimise the processes. The stronger and more productive we can build the cultures… to increase business performance.

So, in the last ten years, cognitive neuroscience has learnt more about the brain than in the last century. So, we bring all those breakthroughs to Kognitive and we turn that knowledge into practical insights that can help your business to improve its performance.

We bring the science in a way that’s really easy to understand. To dissect decision making, and how it works, and prioritising, and all of these cognitive functions to understand the science, and then together with the client… they present the challenges, or the opportunities, or the goals they’re working to… we present the science, and we collaborate as a partner to build something that makes sense for them, to help shorten the time it takes for them to achieve their goals.

So, when we understand our own brain and how it works, we can apply that knowledge in all areas of our life.

And when we do that we can start to make some small changes to the way we organise our day, our work, the tools, and the environments around us, to really take our performance to the next level.

Your brain is the key

At the centre of every organisation are people. Cognitive science can help us better understand how they think, act and interact. It can help us craft our tools, processes and cultures in a way which fuels productivity, engagement and collaboration.

When you look at your business through the lens of the human brain, a lot of things start to make sense. In becomes glaring obvious where workflows, systems and processes need to be improved. Your staff's behaviour becomes more predictable and malleable. A path to elevated productivity, profits and peace emerges from haze of busyness and you're able to take productive action to building a better future.

If you're curious to learn more about how we use cognitive science to help increase business performance, book a discovery call or check out our model in more detail.

Dr. Patricia Martos-Nicio
Sam Odlum

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