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Let’s get technical

Last updated: 
February 20, 2022
Antique projector projecting light into a smoke filled room


You’re about to host Kognitive at your event. Here’s our AV requirements to ensure it runs as smooth as synapses.

Display: 16 x 9 (Apple compatible)  📽

All our presentations are 16:9, that’s the nice wide format instead of the ugly, old-school 4:3, so your projection technology must be capable of outputting at 16:9. We also run MacBook Pros, which means your display device (TV, projector, wall screen, etc) needs to be Apple compatible.

Connection: HDMI, VGA or Wi-Fi  🔗

We can connect via HDMI, VGA or Wi-Fi (you bring the cables, we’ll bring the dongles 😎). If you want to connect the display via Wi-Fi and require that we install additional software, we suggest you advise us in advance and have a cable backup connection just in case we run into software challenges on the day.

Sound system  🔈

Most of our presentations have some form of additional sound and hence we require a means of connecting your sound system to our MacBook Pro. This can be via the HDMI cable, microphone cable or Wi-Fi system. For small groups (less than 25 attendees) we are able to bring our own sound system. Please let us know before the event if you would like us to bring our own speakers.

Microphones  🎤

For groups greater than 25 people we require at least two microphones, one for the speaker and one for the audience.

  • For the Kognitive speaker our preference is a headset mic, that’s the lightweight kind which slips over the ear. A lavalier (or lapel) mic is a respectable alternative option. As a last resort, we can use a handheld microphone, but our hands generally prefer to talk, dance and draw rather than being tied to a microphone.
  • For audience participation we require at least one handheld mic. For large audiences you’ll also need to provide mic-runners—that is—those stealthy, helpful people who run microphones around the room.

A surface to write on  🖊

We love to write, draw and scribble, so you’ll also need to provide a surface to write on such as a whiteboard or flip charts. If you’re providing a flip chart, please provide three (it helps with working memory). If you want to learn more about working memory and how it impacts your ability to absorb information or your productivity, check out our complementary productivity ebook.

Our laptop or yours?  💻

Ours. 100%. This is non-negotiable. We have custom fonts, animations, videos, remotes and more. Besides, we’ve been doing this long enough to know that when you make a change to a speakers tech, you do so at the quality of the presentation.

Access to power  🔌

It is highly recommended that you provide AC power where you would like us to place our laptop.

In summary...

To ensure your event runs smoothly, we require:

  • A 16:9 Apple compatible display.
  • HDMI, VGA or Wi-Fi connection (and cable).
  • A sound system and means of connecting to it (we can provide for small groups).
  • 2 x microphones (for larger groups).
  • A whiteboard or 3 x flip charts.
  • The ability to use our laptop.
  • Access to AC power.

Please note, some presentations also require special props such as tables, stools, sofas, etc. If you’ve booked one of these presentations, we’ll be in contact with the specific requirements.

Let’s do a dry run

We’ll arrive 30–45 minutes prior to the presentation to test the AV and ensure everything works as it should.

Now, let’s get on with making your next event one to remember!


Still have more questions? Click here to get in contact.