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Paving a new path to elevated performance

Organisational Flow is the heightened state of organisational performance. It’s where data, systems and staff align to unlock unprecedented productivity. We specialise in analysing and improving Organisational Flow to accelerate your execution and success.

Pioneering performance with Organisational Flow.

Our Organisational Flow Model ensures your tools, processes and people work in harmony to achieve your organisation’s goals. It is focused on removing friction in company workflows, leveraging cognitive science to get the most out of your people and systems, and using data to drive better decisions throughout all areas of your business.

Brain Based

At the centre of every organisation are people. Cognitive science can help us better understand how they think, act and interact. It can provide critical insight into how to craft our businesses to bring out their best.

We start with the brain and how it works and build outward, optimising tools, processes and culture to foster better decisions, improved focus and superior business performance.

Data Driven

Data and analytics are rapidly transforming industries, and internal operations is no exception. Data drives everything we do. From identifying the most relevant areas to improve, to tracking and measuring progress, and empowering staff to make data-based decisions.

Our proprietary tools and advanced analytics measure what was previously unquantifiable, joining the dots between culture, productivity and financial performance.

Flow Focused

At its core, an organisation is a series of flows. Strategy flows from idea to execution, customers flow from enquiry to money in the bank, staff flow into, up and out of the business.

We analyse and streamline your internal workflows, removing the friction and frustration to ensure your organisation is operating at maximum efficiency.





Kognitive founder Dr Patricia Martos Nicio explaining neuroscience of productivity.
Explore the science
“Cognitive science is shedding new light into the age-old challenge of how to build a more productive, inspiring and efficient organisation.”
Kognitive ebook cover - The cognitive revolution - How cutting-edge science is transforming business performance

The cognitive revolution.

Utilising cutting-edge cognitive science to transform business performance


In the last ten years neuroscientists have learnt more about the human brain than in the last one hundred years. See how leading organisations are using these discoveries to optimise their internal operations and transform their performance. Includes over 17 practical tools you can immediately implement to revolutionise your business and personal productivity.

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Our approach to Organisational Flow in action.

For CPA Australia we conducted a Productivity Pulse. We then advised the leadership team on key strategies to improve internal performance and developed and implemented a training program to address their most critical challenges. In addition, we ran over 30 keynotes and workshops at all major cities in Australia at CPA Conferences, assisting their members increase productivity, performance and profits.

Working with some of the biggest brands, and helping smaller ones radically accelerate their path to becoming big.

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This is organisational performance redesigned around the brain, data and flow